Rules for email (all kinds)


Q. What rights do I have on your site.

A. None. I possess the hardware,and I pay for the bandwidth. If you don't like it, get your own site. Better yet, don't. The world has enough problems.


Q. Can I send you hate mail?

A. Yes. You can send anything you'd like. Just remember that anyone you say can AND WILL be used in any way I see fit without regard to your feelings. If you've taken the time to attack me, then you're fair game. I don't play to lose. I can and will infer whatever I want to about you, your lineage, your friends, your family, your neighborhood, your city, your job, etc. If you send me hate mail, prepared to be humiliated. Frequently.


Q. If I send you mail, will you post it on your site?

A. Maybe. If I feel like it. If it's something nice, I might treasure it. If it's something mean, I might publish only the juicy parts that make you look like a raving lunatic. I can quote whatever part I like, in whole or in part.


Q. Can I sue you?

A. Yes. Good luck. I own nothing, so you can take nothing. Except my bills. You can have those. Also, I probably know more attorneys than you do, and mine are all the rabid, Jewish kind that can swim in the Amazon without fear of being bitten by piranha (professional courtesy). If you sue me anyway, you can't ruin my good name, because I don't have one. Also, there's the laws that cover satire, which I wrap myself in to sleep well at night. This whole site is just here for fun, so lighten up. If you have time to sue me, then you obviously aren't "getting any" in the way that you should, and I will tell the world exactly that. Oh yeah, it could also mean that your inflatable spouse has a leak. I'll send you some duct tape and charge you on your credit card for a computer "patch" support call. Then I will send you away.


Q. Are you insane?

A. Yes. So go read something good. Or, you can read my stuff. The choice is yours.


If you STILL want to email me, drop me a line.

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