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Today I'm pissed off (there's no other word for it) about education across this Country. Not colleges, although they have gained my ire in the past. It's crap like the 14-yr-old girl up here in the Atlanta area who was ARRESTED and EXPELLED for a fictional story in which (twice removed from reality) she wrote about someone DREAMING who DREAMT that she shot a teacher and then was shot herself fleeing. After much media attention, the school board has agreed to let her attend classes while she appeals their ruling, but the parents are suing the school system (and rightly so, I might add) for her treatment. Leave it to the Leftist teachers unions to criminalize thought, but only the kind of thought that THEY find offensive. It's like Germay in the early 30's, that's for sure.

Another blight on education was a kid in Texas who didn't get dipping sauce for his cheese sticks in the cafeteria. He went back to get it, and was stopped on his way out and told that they charge for it ($.25). He offered the lady the $.25, but was instead ARRESTED for theft. He OFFERED her the $.25, and they STILL had him arrested. Do they ever get around to teaching kids anymore? I guess not, from watching young people at work. They can't write, read, or do math.

Then, the topper! In California (the epicenter of Leftist thought), they are starting a Charter School for "vegans". Vegans are not people from that star system (although I do find them "out of this world", if not "out of their minds"), but instead anti-meat radicals who are starting a school which excludes punishment and violence towards animals. I would love to see how they're going to teach history without violence. This should be fun. There is a find line between "education" and "indoctrination", and these nit-wits are crossing that line too far.

How long will we allow people to remain in charge of the most important assets in our lives who do not practice even the most basic common sense? How long? What will it take to get you (and me too!) off of our collective asses and take back control of education and sweep the nit-wits in charge out of office and elect people with common sense? What outrage will it take to motivate you to do something? I live in an area where they have "good" schools, but not everyone is so fortunate. What straw will break your camel's back and get you to run for office?

I have never understood how people in Germany in the 30's could have sat back and watch psychotics like Hitler gain and retain power while millions did nothing to stop him and the Nazis from ruining generations of lives. And now I see how easy it was. Apathy and ignorance sweep away action and thought like a swift fall breeze.

Well I, for one, will not stand by idly and allow my child to suffer through my own inaction. Will you also rise up and do something? I don't know what it will take, but I promise for my child's sake to do something. And if you don't, you are adding to the problem, like a goose-stepping goon out to indoctrinate children to the stomping of a new army.

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