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Dangerous Dave's Daily Rant

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The Most Beautiful Baby in the World
The Most Beautiful Baby in the World (updated 1/20/04)
List of known ass-clowns
List of known ass-clowns (updated 11/19/05)
Music stuff
Music stuff (updated 8/14/05)
Funny stuff
Funny stuff (updated 11/3/03)
What is a Libertarian?
What is a Libertarian?
Cichlid links (fish stuff)
Cichlid links (fish stuff) (updated 11/20/03)
Help celebrate diversity
Help celebrate diversity
F.A.Q.s (updated 8/14/05)
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Rules for emailing me (updated 3/21/03)
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You are being brain-washed. It's a good thing - you don't want a dirty mind. This site was originally created as satire and humor. Then, the French made it personal. This site has contributions from Jared (logo work) and Mrs. Spoogeworld (content and editing), and has been enhanced by Brian H. (server upgrades). I am just here for laughs. All of this site is © by me. Except the stuff that I steal. If you don't like it, tough. You are part of the top 1% of humanity if you've visited my site. The rest owe their daily existence to you. Les gens françaiss sucent. Si vous êtes français, appuyez sur Alt-F4 maintenant. Maintenant part, avant que je vous accable de sarcasmes un deuxième temps.