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Two blogs in one week! I sense a trend!

Let's see what's ruffling my feathers today:

First off - Let's remind you that Kerry is still a flaming ass-dart of idiocy. In his "nuanced" way, he states that he is FOR higher taxes for the rich. Well, then why did this flaming piece of dog squeeze check the LOWER tax rate on his OWN state taxes? I guess he just means higher taxes for you, not for him. It's always easier to spend other people's money anyway. Kerry makes me want to vomit. He is a disgrace to the honest veterans who fought so bravely defending our Rights to spout from our pie-holes. He is everything that is foul in this country, and lacks the courage to stand his ground on ANYTHING. He doesn't stand for anything at all, except that he is not George Bush. Well, I'm convinced. Bush is a man who stands for many things, some of which I dislike immensely. However, at least I know what he stands for, and what he believes in. With Kerry, you're never really sure. He makes used car salesmen seem honest by comparison. He tries to come across as a "common man of the people" while attacking Bush for being raised with a "silver spoon in his mouth." I still haven't forgotten that pile of crap he tried to shovel. This, from a man who flies in a Gulfstream V private jet and who flies a hair stylist to him before TV appearences. I guess he is poor, in a moral sense of the word. He has no platform to stand on, no belief to profess, and no ideas to put forward. And in today's world, that's just a price too high for us to bear.

Here's something that I had to read TWICE:

"Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York urged marchers to vote in big numbers on Nov. 2 to evict an administration 'filled with people who disparage sexual harassment laws.' "

OK - I know what you're thinking. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THAT WOMAN? She should change her name to Mrs. Kettle. That takes BIG BRASS BALLS. Maybe she borrowed Janet Reno's?

I wonder who the Libertarians will select to join Bush and Kerry in November on the ballot. I fear that he will be against the War on Terrorism. That is one of the few areas that I feel the Libertarian Party lacks clarity. Since the war was declared on our Country, I think this is one area in which Bush is doing the right thing. It is important that we win this War, too. We should use Iraq as a staging ground to rid the planet of several other ruthless dictatorships. There are almost too many to name.

I watched a good show on TV tonight. Of course, since it was a good show, you know it was on cable, and not on a major network. Penn & Teller just seem to smell out the very biggest bullshit this planet has, and this week they surprised me. The War on Drugs was an easy sham to bust - the Libertarians have been harping on it for years. But I always believed that recycling was really beneficial for everyone. It turns out that this happy-go-lucky policy is only really cost-effective for one substance - aluminum cans. Everything else costs MORE to process than it recovers in dollars. And here's the worst part - if you're wondering who picks up the rest of the cost of recycling, it's YOU. This floored me. But apparently, our Imperial Federal Government takes $8,000,000,000.00 annually out of our pockets to pay for this "cost saving" measure. Oh yeah, and we're not running out of landfills any time soon. So, that Indian with the tear in his eye can go buy a fucking Kleenex. And that Kleenex will end up in a landfill that will eventually become a nice golf course by the time I finally figure out how to swing a club and hit the ball farther than 10 feet. The only thing more funny than watching me impersonate a golfer is that eBay auction for that guy who sold his ex-wife's wedding dress. If you're enterprising, you will find it. It's now gotten coverage on foxnews.com's website, which should tell you something. I went there when it "only" had 6.1 million hits. Who says the Internet is useless?

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