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Where to begin? It's been so long, and so much pisses me off.

First of all, I saw more illegal aliens at Wal-Mart with a 6-foot-long "portable" stereo system. You know that the same nut-sacks who buy buy these $200+ stereos are doing it with cash, and also using WIC checks (public assistance) to buy their food. This just keeps pissing me off. It's lucky for him that the store manager was right there.

Speaking of Wal-Mart store managers, I'd like to encourage everyone to do what I did, if they feel like I do, or even just think that people's Rights are a good thing to protect. That should pretty much eliminate anyone who votes Democrat or Green in elections.

I went up to the store manager and showed him an empty basket. I pointed out to him that normally my basket is full of items, but that it was now empty in protest. I explained that there are a lot of people who think that Wal-Mart is wrong to use governments to condemn land (which they'd otherwise have to buy outright) and give them property to build their stores on. The rest of us would have to buy property to start a business, but Wal-Mart uses their financial might, and the promise of increased tax revenues to leverage local politicians to snatch land from its rightful owners, and then give it to them to build their stores. No wonder other businesses have had a tough time competing with Wal-Mart. They play dirty. And I explained that my empty shopping basket was going to continue until they started showing respect for people's Rights. Wal-Mart is fully complicit with these local governments in the plans to steal property from home owners, and they are all to eager to get their "free" land. So be sure to tell the local manager at your store why your cart is empty. Wal-Mart prosecutes people who steal from them, why not prosecute them for stealing themselves?

Next item on my list: Rod Paige (our Education Secretary) called the NEA a "terrorist organization," but later backed off from his words. Why? I think he was right on the mark. They threaten candidates with financial leverage unless they tow a political line that coincides with their Socialist agenda. They threaten boycotts and strikes unless they get what they want. They are a larger threat to the future of our Country than al Qaeda, since they affect the education of a majority of our children. And the damage that they do is showing up now. Take a look at defendants in courts all across the country. Notice that no one takes responsibility for their actions. Thank the NEA with their psycho-programming. They have, for years, been trying to eliminate responsibility in schools. First, it was the teachers, with "tenure." Tenure means that you can't fire a teacher who is doing a poor job, or has committed a crime. Why should teachers be afforded protections that the rest of us don't have? If you killed someone, and lied about it on your application, would your employer pay you for 5 months to work from home if he found out? Or would he/she imbed their foot square in your ass? After they relieved the teachers of responsibility (notice they are also against any new government program to hold teachers accountable for the crappy job that they do), then they started working on the children. I think the trend started with "New Math" back in the 50's, but it is really evident today. Children are given credit for wrong answers (if they tried really hard!), and if they can't pass tests, they change the grading scale to increase scores artificially. The SAT now has kids scoring over 1300 routinely. Why? Because they changed the grading to make it easier. Not enough children were getting 1600s, so they made it easier for them. God forbid they ever considered teaching the little bastards! And then there's always grade inflation. That's where they give students B's and A's when they don't deserve them, just so that they will get scholarships to college. The net result is that (at least here in Georgia) the kids drop out of college instead of high school. You see, when they give them good grades that they haven't earned, the kids get their Hope Scholarships. But when they hit college, and they aren't prepared for it, they wash out like a ghost fart. Not convinced? How about "social promotions"? That's where they take kids who can't pass at their level, and promote them anyway, so that they can be with their friends. Isn't that special? If you can't do the work, we'll just move you along anyway, in hopes that your precious self-esteem won't get tarnished by the fact that you're a DUMB ASS. Is it really that hard to get a high school education? Let's face it. I either slept or ignored 99% of my schooling in my youth, and I still graduated with a 3.8 GPA. Yes, I know, I squandered a good opportunity. But if you can't do even basic skills, is having a piece of paper REALLY going to help you in the outside world?

OK, that was a nice rant on the NEA. I think you know where I stand.

I saw someone in my grocery store wearing a "Kerry in 2004" button. I'm amazed that anyone who thinks he should be President would walk upright. He has as much backbone as the earthworms that die on my driveway after a heavy rain. He's also ugly (IMHO). I'm still waiting for the first "Nader in 2004" buttons, so that I can laugh my ass off. That ass-dart will hurt whatever chance Kerry had. He sings to the Angry Left, and soaks up all of the Communist and Socialist votes. Kerry needs all the help he can get. He's probably calling Ross Perot right now.

President Bush came out of hiding to say that he support a Constitutional Amendment that describes "marriage" as a relationship between a man and a woman. This is as plain to me as breathing, so I have to side with him here. If gays want to "marry", let them come up with a new term. Marriage is already defined.

A quick stab at zero tolerance: While the NEA has worked hard to remove responsibility from education (and life in general), they are still fond of removing children from classrooms. The latest example is a child who got a 3-day suspension for possessing a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Couldn't the teacher just have confiscated it and called his parents? Why does the little shit need to lose time from his education. It sounds to me like the brat needs some more education, although a government school doesn't seem to be helping.

I love it when criminals confess unknowingly to crimes they commit. This one comes from a school principal (I love it!) who planted drugs in someone's locker, and when the dope-sniffing dog didn't signal it as his locker, the principal told the cop that he knew there was drugs in there, since he planted them there. He is now awaiting charges. Big surprise. His excuse was great. He said that he knew the kid was dealing drugs anyway, and he'd be caught sooner or later. I guess it will be later. Later, principal.

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