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Hillary Clinton, I hate you, you bitch.

Hillary Clinton is on my ass-clown list for certain. Every time she says something, I know I'm going to hate it. She's the same bitch that never bothered to go to even ONE funeral for one of her constituents after 9/11, and she's constantly giving aid and comfort to our enemies while she attacks our President for either doing what her husband said we should do, or else for not doing what she said a few years ago we shouldn't be doing. In short, she's a hypocrite.

She's also a tax-loving whore. Her latest tirade came in California, land of the lost. She said that we are well enough off, and she was going to take back our tax cuts (read: take more money from us to give to others who haven't earned that money) "for the common good." Spoken like a true Communist slut.

I know she has big balls to have the audacity to first of all believe that she speaks for the "common good." I seem to have missed that election, where she was chosen to speak for all of us. I thought that our Constitution said that each of us had the Right to decide for ourselves how to manage our property, providing we don't harm others with it. But Hillary believes in her heart that what she has is hers, and what you have is hers, and that she alone knows the proper way to spend your money. You are obviously too stupid to spend your own money. For the people of New York, she is correct. After all, you elected that bitch to represent you. Nice going, ass-darts.

To say that I hate Hillary is not correct. I FEAR her. I think she is the greatest danger and threat to the ongoing prosperity and security of this Country. If she is given any more power, she will only use it to destroy all that we have gained. I will cheer the day that she is no longer in power in any capacity.

Next up: Bill Cosby. Thank you for being a MAN and saying what needed to be said. Thank you for recognizing that it's not racism that keeps illiterate kids from getting jobs, it's their ignorance. People don't hire stupid people. It doesn't matter what color they are. And real people judge individuals on their presentation. If you sound stupid, people will gladly believe that you are stupid. When I see someone who talks clearly and intelligently, I believe they are educated and capable, and I will treat them as such. But Bill Cosby was right - it's far too late to keep blaming racism or society or schools or government or television for the results of today's youth.

After 40 years, there's no more excuses. It's time to put up or shut up. If you want to be taken seriously, then perform. Educate your kids, people. Do it yourself - it's not anyone else's job to do but yours. You had the little brat, now take care of it.

The precedent was set in the Bible (Torah). Moses took his people around for 40 years to purge their memories and lifestyles of slavery. And they got over it. Since then, they haven't claimed that racism keeps them from being successful. In spite of rampant anti-semitism all over the world, the Jews have thrived, even in the harshest environments. Even with the aid of the American Red Cross and the U.N., terrorists haven't broken the spirit of the Jews, they've just become stronger.

Now it's time to use the opportunities to succeed. All of us. Not just the rich, or the white, or the smart. Everyone can do well in this country. People come here who don't know the language, and they manage to feed themselves and keep a roof over their heads. Let's stop making excuses, and start showing the world that every American is capable and able. Is that such a bad goal?

Tomorrow, I have more to rant on. Oh yeah, and fuck you, Hillary.

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