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We don't negotiate with terrorists. Period.

To the family of this latest kidnapping victim, I sympathize. I know your pain. It is awful. But do not hold false optimism. These are terrorists, and they have no intention of letting him go. Remember Jonathan Perl? He wasn't helping Iraqis or Saudis. He was just a reporter. Even reporters aren't safe from these goons. Nothing we can do will bring your loved one home. I hate to say it, but you must start to adjust to life without him. He will be killed by these murderous thugs. They have stated that their goal is to kill all Americans, anywhere, anytime. I take them at their word.

If you wonder what will happen if the Saudis actually do let terrorists free, remember what 8 years of appeasement did for our National Security. If you forgot, here's a few reminders:

1993 - World Trade Center bombing
1996 - Khobar Towers bombing
1998 - Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania
2000 - USS Cole bombing

Need I say more?

Also, members of the "mainstream media" listen up: we don't want you to waste our time continually hammering Abu Ghraib into every story in the newspaper. First, the acts were committed by a small minority of individuals, acting on their own. Second, they have been investigated since January, and criminal proceedings are taking place to bring those responsible to justice. Thirdly, these minor acts are not even on the same scale as the horrors that Saddam routinely visited upon his own people. There isn't a moral equivalence between the acts that affected hundreds of thousands and some men wearing panties on their head. Heck, in this country, some people pay extra for that kind of stuff. But let's not trivialize the crimes. The media, in an effort to do anything to try to blame these acts on Bush, have taken to outrageously stupid comparisons between the acts of a few rogue soldiers, and completely unrelated "news" stories. Think I'm kidding? How can you work Abu Ghraib into a review of "Garfield, the Movie"? I dunno, but some ass-dart figured out a way.

If the media wants to make news from the Middle East topical, then why don't they keep talking about Nick Berg? How about Hamas' threat against our country? How about the civilians that are targetted and killed for their citizenship? Or, if they want to focus on domestic issues, did you hear that the economy is going great? Not from the New York Times. Maybe the ass-darts in the media can leave politics to politicians, and try reporting the news for a change.

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