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Kerry has finally picked something other than his nose.

John boy has picked John Edwards as his co-Socialist running mate. Who the fuck cares? Kerry is still unelectable, and adding Edwards just adds to his lack of appeal. Edwards is a trial lawyer. Trial lawyers are the reason why it costs over a hundred thousand dollars for a doctor to have insurance, which of course is passed on to you when you go to the doctor's office. Trial lawyers are the reason why it costs over $1000 for most people to have car insurance for a year. Trial lawyers are the reason they have to put labels that warn people that matches might be flammable. Trial lawyers are the reason we have higher costs all around the country. It was a trial lawyer who got a 67-yr-old woman $70,000,000 because the stupid bitch poured hot coffee into her crotch. It would have been cheaper for McDonalds to shoot the bitch. Trial lawyers suck. Plain and simple. It's one thing to get fair compensation for someone who's been wronged. It's another thing to seek outrageous judgements that make it cost more for everyone else, just so that some ass-licking lawyer can get his 40%. John Edwards has never held an honest job. First a trial lawyer, then a politician. In his next life, maybe he will be a leech. It would be a step up.

On to Kerry. Kerry continues his campaign o' lies. He continues to "nuance" his way through every issue without actually sounding like he has a fucking opinion. He's for abortion, but he believes that abortion is wrong, and life begins at conception. So, he's for murder, but only for little babies? His inability to have any moral clarity will cost him this election. People don't always agree with Bush, but at least they know where he stands on an issue. Terrorism? He's against it. The U.N.? He could care less what they think. The French? They can go fuck themselves. Bush may not agree with your personal views, but at least he isn't afraid to say what he feels. Kerry can't make up his mind what he wants for dinner.

Kerry and Edwards try to cast Bush as "one of the rich", and different from "the rest of us." Kerry lives with a mere 5 mansions, with a net worth of $750,000,000 or so (even if it's his wife's money, he still has access to the cars, mansions, private jets, etc.). Edwards is a rich asshole lawyer, getting rich via suing others, and taking his 35-40% of the take for the work of the poor, underpaid staff that he employs (who never share in his looting).

So, Kerry and Edwards should make a fine team. Both have criticized the other in the primaries, and now have to pretend that their criticism then doesn't matter now. After all, if they weren't fit to win their party's nomination (in the eyes of the other), then how can we expect them to be qualified to run the entire Country?

Did you hear about the Archdiocese of Portand, OR going bankrupt? Some would say they've been morally bankrupt for years. The reason they're out of business is that they ignored repeated complaints of priests molesting children. The rest of us would've gone to jail for that, but I don't see too many priests in jail yet. At least, not enough.

While I'm thinking of assholes, Michael Moore's latest work of fiction, "Farhenheit 9/11" keeps getting press. Why? It's a crappy movie based upon false premises, mascarading as a documentary. It's as much a documentary as "Garfield, the Movie." The ass-dart couldn't even come up with an original name - he stole it (without permission) from Ray Bradbury, who isn't happy to have his title used without his permission. In fact, Ray doesn't want anything to do with Moore's tripe. And I can't say that I blame him. I won't go see it - not because I'm afraid to see it, but because I don't want to give that ass-dart any of my money.

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