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The latest in the chapter of "When bad things happen to bad people."

The flaming ass-dart Whoopie Goldberg has lost her sponsorship from Slimfast. Boo hoo hoo. I'd feel sorry for the stupid bitch, except that wouldn't be true. She opened her pie-hole, and it cost her a job. Welcome to life for the rest of us.

My buddy Steve was saying that Bush should sue her to punish her. The pressures of a free-market economy have done just that. Act stupid, lose work. Simple, ain't it? Bush didn't need to take her to court. She was tried in the court of public opinion, and she lost. Also, she showed that she has no class, in case you didn't see any of her movies.

Now, to John John and company: you praised that flaming ass-dart at the event. Your cries that you don't condone her rhetoric falls on deaf ears. We saw you laugh, we saw you clap, and we heard you praise her as representing the same values that you have, and as a member of the "mainstream." Of course, you wouldn't know the mainstream from your pee-stream, since you're so far to the left. You are out of touch, and certainly not "one of us." We work for a living, we don't fly on private jets, and we don't vote for things before voting against them.

I think the Republicans are missing a great opportunity - the "I voted for John Kerry - right before I voted against him" bumper-stickers. No one is fooled by someone who's so committed (or should be) to his cause that he hangs on to his old job (which he hasn't done) "just in case." Liebermann learned in the last election that people don't want part-timers.

What else am I thinking about? Smokers. There's a vote today in the Senate on a bill to give the FDA more power to regulate a private industry (which I oppose on the general principle). While helping to stop people from smoking is certainly a good thing, I think it would be better to stop people from beginning smoking, and let the stupid ones who continue to smoke die off, raising the bar for the rest of us.

Another thing: I don't care if gay people want to get married. Just please keep Rosie O'Donnell the fuck off my TV set please. She has the sex appeal of a corpse, and the brains to match. She was also tried in the court of public opinion, for her attacks on Tom Selleck. Again, the public decided. Notice we've been free of her loud-mouth for some time now. Tom, if you read this, my wife loves you. But you can't have her, at least not without a down-payment. :-)

Oh yeah, Cynthia "pinata of stupidity" McKinney is running for her old seat in the US House again. She's still an ass-clown, and I hope she gets bounced quickly on her ass. She's another ass-dart who doesn't get it. Go give your pal Arafat a hug, and maybe a missile will hit him and kill two ass-birds with one stone. You're still fucking stupid, a loser, and an idiot.

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