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How much re-invention will we see from John Kerry?

The correct answer is "who cares?" John Kerry has had TWENTY YEARS to impress us. In twenty years, he has shown us where he stands. Or, rather, that he doesn't really stand for anything. The people in his home state feel that he will say and do whatever he feels is popular at that moment. In other words, he doesn't stand for anything. He's like Gore, only more boring. At least Gore is good for some amusement when he screams like a crazy fool.

I actually read that Kerry is going to try to sound like a Republican. That's like Charles Manson saying he's going to become a Priest. Would you trust Chuck in a frock? Not me.

The Angry Left loves to accuse Bush of lying, yet they lie whenever it suits themselves. More so than any Republican in memory. And that's pretty bad. When I hear an Angry Left speaker, I picture Pinocchio. I imagine a great long nose stretching into geosynchronous orbit. Especially that ass-dart Michael Moore, who not only spouts nonsense, but tries to pass it off as a factual documentary. If only the major media sources would call him on it, but they are his useful idiots and accomplices.

Now, being that I am a Libertarian, I think that what Bush has done to our already bloated government is a travesty. Unfortunately, Kerry wants to make it into a down-right disgrace. If Kerry has his way, we'll all be working for the Imperial Federal Government. Of course, then there'd be no one to actually make anything, except for bureaucracy, which we'd have in abundance.

What I love most about Kerry is his complete misunderstanding of the function of government. And being that he's spent TWENTY YEARS there, he's either the World's Slowest Learner, or else he's not working for the good of the Country, only to increase his own power, and that's a dangerous thing. I judge the candidate based upon their motivations in action. Why did Kerry vote to disarm when we were winning the Cold War? Why did he vote against the very weapons we use to defend our Country today? Why did he vote FOR the $87 billion, before voting AGAINST it?

I think that Bush isn't perfect - but at least I know where he stands on an issue. And I believe that he isn't going to flip-flop is a Gallop Poll comes out tomorrow with some new view. When you're in charge of something as big, powerful, and precious as this Country, there's no room for flip-flops. Going soft is only good after sex.

We are engaged right now in a battle for our very lives. Just because we're not out in the streets right now in hand-to-hand combat doesn't mean that we might not be in the future. The decisions we make today will have far-reaching consequences.

A vote for Kerry is a vote for terrorism in this Country. I hate to say it, but if he wins, we will pay with our lives. The terrorists don't want us to bend, or back out - they want to kill us. And the U.N. isn't going to save us. Just like it fails in protecting Israel from 23 hostile neighbors, it will do nothing but pass resolutions, while we die in our streets. And I, for one, will not go quietly.

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