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I know, I know... it's been a while.

So much for trying to get back to doing this daily. I've been busy. If you don't like it, I DARE you to pay me to write a blog every day. No? I thought so.

Today's theme is "fuck you."

Let's start off with a giant FUCK YOU to the school administrator who suspended an honors student and banned him from the campus for "assault." Now, before you think he deserved it, listen to the facts surrounding the event:

The student won a contest, and the right to throw a cream pie at the administrator's face. But when he did it, the administrator decided that it was "too hard", and is considering bringing him up on assault charges. WTF? She made the rules, then she wants to change them after the fact. It smells like Al Gore all over again. What a piece of shit she is!!! I want to uncork the "C" word at her, but get a fucking life! You signed up for it, bitch - take it like a grown-up. Show the kids that you have some backbone. I've signed up for a dunk tank, and I took every last dunking like a sport. Don't be such a whiny pussy!

Kerry gets a daily FUCK YOU for being a gaping vagina. He is still trying to reinvent himself. he hasn't yet figured out that his entire platform is based on the premise that he's not Bush. No fucking shit. We know that. That's why you won't win. Bush may be wrong on many things, but at least you know where he stands on an issue. That's what pisses the liberals off. He has conviction. That's the singular tense, to differentiate him from Clinton, who has convictions. Yes, you whining liberals, your "hero" is guilty of perjury and obstruction of justice. And if you want to roll out the criminals who are guilty as shit but never faced charges because their wealth bought their freedom, ask Ted "The Head" Kennedy what Mary Jo Kopechne thinks of his bullshit. What's that? Oh yeah, he killed her, so she can't speak.

Now that WMD have been found in Iraq, notice that the leftist media won't admit that they (and the liberal elected) were wrong for criticizing Bush for not finding those very same weapons, and were wrong to even flip-flop from their original position that they existed. So, a double FUCK YOU to them. I'm on a roll.

I will applaud someone today - Bill Cosby deserves some credit for speaking the Truth. He criticized parents of black children (not all, just some) for not teaching their children how to speak English. I don't mean that pseudo-language crap that you hear on the street or in [c]Rap songs, but real English. You know, they kind that teachers (who still deserve a FUCK YOU in general) are SUPPOSED to be teaching them. We all know it, but no one wants to say it. When I hear someone say "dis" or "dat", I think they're an idiot - plain and simple. I don't care WHAT skin color, religion, political affiliation, sex, age, etc. they are - if they can't speak English, they're not going to get my respect. It's a skill mastered by hundreds of millions, so they have no excuse. We're not talking Calculus here - just basic English. I don't "fin a go nowhere." That is not what gets you a decent job (or even a job at Wal-Mart in today's world). I proudly work with people of all ethnic, social, sexual, and religious backgrounds. I am not someone who pre-judges on skin color, or age, or sex. Well, ok, I do think that women can't drive, but you have to admit - adding cell phones to their driving has NOT improved anyone's opinion on that. Anyway, I judge people by what they know, how they act, and how they present themselves. I am really impressed by several people that I currently work with - I've learned a lot from them. What race are they? Who the fuck cares! They're just people, the same as you or I. Well, maybe not you, or maybe not me. But you get the point. Anyway, where the hell was I? Oh yeah - Bill Cosby. He said the facts - that he is pissed off when he hears young Black men talking street-talk, and he blames their parents for not better preparing them for life. And he's right. You can't be a doctor if you can't speak English. And there are some that do a fine job - but there are plenty who don't. And they're not alone. There's many white people who are the same. But what really pisses people off is that he said that "poor" people will spend $500 on the latest tennis shoes, but won't spend $200 for "Hooked on Phonics." And he's right. And it pisses people off. You see, you can't blame George Bush for that - that's a personal choice that yielded a bad decision. And personal responsibility is frowned on by the NAACP (and leftists in general). You see, if you have to accept responsibility for your own actions, you can't blame someone else. It forces you to look inside and realize that you fucked up.

I harp continually on personal responsibility, because it is the one area of my own life where I historically have been weak. It pisses me off today. I pissed away many opportunities in life that would have drastically changed my life. I have to live with those decisions today. And I accept my burden today, and I spend a lot of time talking to younger people, so that maybe a few might learn from my mistakes. At least, I hope they do. I want my daughter to grow up understanding that everything has consequences, and she has to accept hers for her decisions. So far, she shows a tendency to make relatively good choices. But as a father, that is my greatest fear.

Now that I'm done pissing people off, I want to get someting off of my chest. And when I say that, I'm not refering to Doritos crumbs. I'm talking about Relay For Life. If you don't know what it is, you've missed something in life.

Relay For Life is the collective name for more than 4,000 events that take place every year all over America. The event is for raising money and awareness for cancer. Cancer is the most diverse killer in the world. It knows no skin color, no sex, no age lmits, no borders, and no religion. It kills anyone. The events pull concerned citizens, survivors, care-givers, and patients together for a day to remember. They are moving and powerful events. They are also a cross-section of America. Everyone stands together, without thought as to the superficial differences which so many use to make snap decisions. But at RFL, everyone is equal. Everyone has either experienced cancer, or else they fear it. It was an amazing event, and I hope you find it in your heart to attend one in your life.

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