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The "Palestinians" have peed in their own Cheerios.

From the next chapter in "When Bad Things Happen To Bad People", the "Palestinians", in their finite wisdom, have elected Hamas members to represent them as their majority political "party".

It has a couple of notable effects:

1) It removes all doubt that any official "Palestinian" leaders are not only connected to, but also directly involved in, terrorist activities.

2) It shows that the "Palestinians" real agenda is one of terrorism, war, and genocide.

3) It shows the world that all of the money that is given to these people will be spent on weapons and conflict, not on food, industrial investment, or agriculture.

4) It will make the U.S. Government stop funding hundreds of millions of U.S. tax dollars to known terrorists.

5) It will make the U.N. stop funding the terrorist group (or admit that it finances terrorists).

6) It will give Hamas no excuses for homicide bombers.

7) It proves that the "Palestinians" don't want peace, only war.

Hamas has certainly stepped in it. Now they have to give up their weapons and genocidal ambitions, or else condemn their people to poverty, refugee-ism, and isolationism.

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