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What brainchild at ESPN thought to give a microphone to Cynthia Tucker?

Someone at ESPN should be having their entrails spooled on an olive fork for giving a microphone to Cynthia Tucker on national TV.

First of all, Cynthia tries to turn EVERYTHING into a racial issue. I'm sick and tired of hearing her "one more black man in prison" speech. The reason Michael Vick is going to prison is that he KILLED DOGS, FINANCED ILLEGAL GAMBLING OPERATIONS, and STAGED ILLEGAL DOG FIGHTS.

He isn't going to prison for being black. He's going to prison because he's a felon. He's a thug. He's going to prison for the same types of crimes that they send Mafia people (allegedly!) to prison for. It's called Organized Crime. They set up an illegal operation, financed it, and ran it. How is this any different from Pete Rose's gambling scandal. Well, at least Pete didn't slaughter puppies.

Michael Vick is now all over the TV, looking all somber and humble. His handlers/lawyers have advised him to try every trick to try to get a minimum sentence. He's found God now. He's sorry. Would he have been sorry if he wasn't caught?

He deserves to go to prison. For a long time. It doesn't matter that he's black. It doesn't matter that he was a successful NFL football player. It matters that he killed dogs for sport. He's willing to admit part of his complicity, to avoid the possibility of a really long sentence. But we know that he didn't play a peripheral role. I'm sure he placed bets, and bought the dogs, and he probably served snacks at the fights. He's a thug. His brother's a thug also. That's why neither of them are playing in the NFL today.

I'm hoping there's a REALLY big guy in prison who loves dogs. If he hates the Falcons, that's a bonus.

Now, if we can keep Cynthia Tucker's small-minded racial agenda from invading ESPN, the world will be a better place still.

Cynthia Tucker is the Bizarro Reporter. No matter what position she takes, it's 180 degrees from reality.

By the way, where's the NAACP and Al Sharpton apologizing for everyone's "rush to judge" Michael Vick? Now that he's confessed to being everything that was said about him, where's their apologies? Does anyone else remember Tawana Brawley?

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