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I'm back.

OK - I've been away too long.

I took a short break, and while I was living a normal life, the fucking idiots of the asylum went wild and gave control of the Legislative Branch over to those weasels who want to turn the military victories in Iraq and Afghanistan into the failure of Vietnam.

Now, just forget that we WON in Afghanistan and Iraq for a moment. We defeated the enemy, and took control. Just forget that we installed 2 democratic governments and liberated 50,000,000 people from tyrannous governments. Forget that the major newspapers and network news bombard us with perceived "failures" as they nearly celebrate every combat death as if it gets them closer to some "goal" that will enable them to claim some sort of "victory" if we withdraw our troops before we've completed our mission.

What astounds me is that these people are more interested in giving victory to a group that really does want to these very same people, than to the men and women who volunteer to risk their lives to protect these same ass-darts who day after day subvert their mission.

I can't imagine the same thing happening in WW2 when the Germans were marching through Europe like a kid through puddles. Imagine if we said we lost too many men, so we should just leave France?

Imagine after suffering the attack at Pearl Harbor if the media had said "we just have to understand them better"?

What happened to our country that we don't want it to be victorious anymore? Why do so many prosper here, only to begin hating the very instrument of their success? Is it guilt?

At what point do the sheeple in this country realize that people like Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Barak Obama, Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, and John Edwards (to name but a few) don't care about them. When will they realize that these people only view the populace as a means for them to get their power to rule over the masses?

What will it take to get the average citizen to wake up and realize that every proposal SOUNDS good and meaningful and benevolent when these idiots propose things like "Universal Healthcare". Hey, who wouldn't want free healthcare? After all, the people who are getting it aren't paying for it. Who doesn't like free stuff?

As long as we turn out people from our school systems who believe that "rich" people are evil and they got their money by stealing it or inheriting it, we will continue to slide down the road to ruin.

As long as teachers spend their class time asking kids if their parents have guns in the house, rather than teaching the students to do math or write in complete sentences, we'll end up with generation after generation of kids who can't make change and "text" their way through conversations.

I can't believe that we teach kids that owning a gun is bad, but letting the government criminalize thought is good.

When I listen to nearly any Democrat speak, (Joe Lieberman is a rare exception) I can almost picture George Orwell as I listen to them talk about income redistribution as "refundable tax credits", or the ironically-name Social Security.

What really puzzles me is how the Jews support Democrats, as the Democrats work against any and all Jewish interests. John Edwards calls Israel the "greatest threat" to World Peace. I guess he forgot about Iran, North Korea, and Muslim Extremists.

And this man wants to be the President?

Can you name your 2 U.S. Senators and your Representative? Can you name 3 people from "Survivor" or "American Idol"?

As long as we worry about "American Idol" instead of radical Muslism fascists, we're going to get killed.

My next rant will probably be on global warming. If you believe in global warming as a man-made problem, just spend a couple of minutes and Google global warming and cosmic rays. It is pompous to believe that SUVs will kill the planet. We're just not that powerful.

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