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I forgot Skeletor!

Why? Probably because this flip-flop cry-baby isn't a force in politics anymore. Ever since he started questioning his OWN patriotism, he opened the door on himself. By calling his military "service" into question, he shined the light on his own past. And what a past we saw.

He got 3 Purple Hearts in Vietnam - but when he called attention to his being "ready for duty", people started looking at those events. After all, he was only there for a few months. Then, the records show that maybe one of the Purple Hearts was just "a scratch". Then another medal showed what looked like a self-inflicted wound! Now, I don't want to disparage our fine troops, but Kerry isn't one of them. He may "still have the hat," but he is FAR from the war hero that John McCain is. And his activities AFTER he left Vietnam overshadow any "service" he gave. While others are afraid to call him a traitor, I believe in my heart that his going to France to meet Vietnamese leaders (while still in active military status) constitutes traitorous activity, and violates his Military Code. I think he should have served time in a brig, or been executed for negotiating with the Enemy (especially while still in uniform). I'm not going to use this as an occasion to bash Kerry and Fonda, but they BOTH should have been executed as traitors long ago. That shipped has sailed (pardon the pun) a long time ago, though.

So, rather than point out that Kerry worked with our enemies, or that he was alongside Jane Fonda, let's focus on his recent past.

How about's today news that he supports the "Fairness Doctrine"? You know what that is, don't you? Fed up with getting their asses kicked in Talk Radio, the Democrats, rather than admit that they have NO issues to talk about, and that people will not listen to them just bitch about Bush all day long, have taken to try to legislate a limitation to their competition.

The "Fairness Doctrine" isn't about "fairness" - it's about one group trying to limit another's Free Speech when the losing side is short on ideas. If you can't beat them, make a law against them - that's the way the Democrats play. If Hillary can't raise enough money to fight opponents in her district, she just sends her husband to China for "speaking engagements" to earn tens of millions of dollars to buy another campaign victory. This is what the Democrats call "fair". Fair means equal opportunity, not equal outcome. It is fair that any Democrat who wishes to can buy a radio station (like Air America) and can vent their views and ideas. Fair also means that when people stop listening to Al Franken bitch all day long, or someone else propose shooting the President, that Air America goes the way of Braniff Airlines.

In short, the Fairness Doctrine is an illegal, un-Constitutional, piece of garbage designed to abuse the Democrats slim majority in Congress, and try to bolster their power, at the expense of everyone's First Amendment Rights. If you're for it, I do NOT want to talk to you, as this is the same thing that the Nazis used to restrict speech in Germany in the 30's. While the Democrats are calling Republicans Nazis, they are BEING Nazis. This is called "projection" (I've ranted on this before).

While I'm figuring out who else I've left off yesterday's list, I realize that I forgot Tom Tancredo. I like him. He understands the illegal immigrant (invaders) issue, and he says what he thinks. I don't think he's as much of a statesman as Fred Thompson, nor do I feel he has enough momentum to capture a shot at the White House. He has some good ideas, but he doesn't capture the hearts and minds of the citizenry. He's not a bad man - I like him, I just don't think he can win. At least, not yet.

Since I've drifted off the subject of sKerry, I might as well drift some more. If you needed proof that John Edwards is a panty-waist loser, his wife is in the news today asking Ann Coulter to back off. If you have to have your wife defend you from a woman, you have no balls. That's right - John Edwards has a smaller pair of balls than Hillary Clinton.

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