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Today was an eventful day.

Let's start with a group of people that want to record an "oral history" of a sitting Senator. Their choice? The man that proposed the idea, Ted Kennedy. Let's look at Ted's wonderful history. Will Ted talk about his trip to Africa, where the behemoth of a Senator addressed the issue of World Hunger while the poor villagers looked at him like a doberman eyeing a Porterhouse? How about Ted's wacky driving exploits. Hey, I know, we can talk about Ted's wondrous amphibious assault on an unsuspecting lake. Mary Jo was sure surprised!

Today I was at a doctor's office that specializes in ultrasound and amniocentesis. You figure out why. Anyway, some country bumpkin (and believe me, I am NOT using the term lightly in this case) came in with her entourage. After making a mildly public spectacle of her entrance, (complete with seemingly mentally-challenged sibling who stared at the floor 95% of the time) she joined the other bumpkins for a nice smoke outside the building, witnessed by yours truly.

Now, I can understand if you've been living in a Third World Country (like Alabama) for the last 50 years. I can also understand if you've got a substance-abuse problem. However, even in today's world, the problems associated with smoking while pregnant are printed on every box of cigarettes that ass-dart was smoking. And it's not like the list of ingredients isn't available for the non-squeemish. A woman who smokes while pregnant is commiting child abuse before the little welfare recipient is even out choking on second-hand smoke.

Did I call her a welfare recipient? Yes I did. The stupid bitch was insured with a state-coverage Medicaid replacement that Hillary "Ass-Muncher" Clinton was touting as "Universal Healthcare" just a decade ago. It's nice to see that we spend our dollars on people who make such good decisions. Perhaps we should throw all pregnant, smoking women out of any health insurance plans for being dumb-asses, and save us all a lot of money. It's not like she was paying for the service anyway.

Another thing that bunched my briefs this morning was a report on the radio that an unnamed school (Tennessee State University) blatantly informed prospective candidates for the position of Administrator (or similar title) that white people need not apply. This, in direct contrast to their EEO statement on their website. Their website features a lecture on reaching the needs of black men (apparently white men don't have needs), and their on-campus bookstore has been known to sell "Black by popular demand" t-shirts.

Now, I don't have any problem with a private university setting its own standards. however, a PUBLICLY FUNDED University cannot and shall not be allowed to practice open racism. Imagine if Harvard one day said "Black people need not apply." Jesse and the other civil rights whores would be protesting and boycotting. Reverse the scenario, and where are these people of conscience? I guess their conscience ran out.

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