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Here's my best advice to liberals: get over it.

So, you lost. Get over it. Figure it out. Your party's best idea was to hate the very people who make up its power. Good plan. Next time just try driving a stake through your temple. Really.

Here's a comment from a non-Christian about Nativity scenes: who the fuck cares? I don't. I have better things to do with my time. The city I live in has a Nativity scene, complete with a lit, plastic Jesus. Do I care? No. Should you? No. Besides, if you're like most Americans, you'd rather be watching "Survivor", or are eagerly awaiting the return of "American Idol." You're obviously too busy to worry about simple things, like real life.

Anyway, back to my point. The far left's goal to remove all references to God/Creator are unsupported by the Constitution, from which the laws of this Country derive their powers. In other words, if it's illegal to have ANY reference to God, then the Rights that we have cannot be endowed by our Creator, therefore the laws that the Constitution affords us do not exist, and they can't challenge an existing law without the Constitution's power to test it. This is what my family has for years referred to as "a self-eating watermellon." You need A for B, and B for C, but to get C you have to have A.

So, to my Liberal friends (few though you may be): if you would like to challenge God as the source of our Rights, you have to embrace the Declaration of Independence, which allows for the Constitution. In it, your Rights are granted to you by the same God you want to deny. Isn't that a bitch?

Freedom OF religion isn't the same thing as freedom FROM religion. Our Government can't establish a religion for you and make you practice it. It can, however, acknowledge a higher power (Creator) who endows certain Rights upon you. Without that Creator, you have no Rights.

Of course, I see past the smoke and mirrors that the Left is trying to slight-of-hand past you. Their REAL goal is to eliminate the basic tenet of Judao-Christian culture - that all men are equal under God. This is why Orthodox Jews don't lend money - they don't want one man to feel he is "beneath" another (owing him). That principle is the founding difference between our Society, where anyone can ascend to power (even nit-wits like Cynthia McKinney), as opposed to the royal ascension found in Europe until the 1800's.

If the Left gets its way, it will remove all references to God, so that Government can take its place. After all, if God gives you your Rights, men cannot take them away. But if Government does, all bets are off. It's the "slippery slope" argument all over again.

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