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Hooray for John Kerry. He's back to being the most liberal Senator, and Michael Moore is back to being irrelevant.

To all of you sane and rational people, thank you. To those who voted for Kerry, I hope your ass bleeds uncontrollably until you pass out.

Speaking of Arafat, good riddance. Now that that ass-tart is dead, let's get back to business, and by that I mean killing terrorists. We should have seized his funeral as an opportunity to get 90% of them with one Fuel Air Explosive.

Hey, guess what? The Arabs are afraid of an autopsy for Arafat. Why? Are they afraid their "fearless freedom fighter" might be found to have died from AIDS? Even if he didn't, he was still thought to be bi-sexual, which while not wrong in my mind, is a sin which Muslims kill over.

And speaking of "dead" and "sex" in the same sentence, Michael Moore is going to fabricate yet another waste of people's time in a new movie. I've figured out why he goes to Disney with his films. They are experts at fantasy films. "Finding Nemo" was more factual than "Farhenheit 9/11". And more interesting. At least Nemo doesn't need a shave and Weight Watchers. Thanks to Michael Moore, I will never be the ugliest mo-fo in the world. One-eyed hunchbacks have an easier time getting laid.

And to Chirac in France: Fuck you. I still hate you. You're still an ass-dart.

Segue? Who needs a segue. Ricky Williams - fuck you too. Thanks for fucking up the lives of your teammates, who tirelessly worked to help make you look good, and you turned around and accused them all of being drug users, even though it was your rock-stupid ass that failed the drug test. Nice going, ass-clown. Too bad all that money they were paying you didn't go to making you any smarter. It gives me great solace to know that you are a college graduate, and you're still a dumb-ass.

Boy, this is therapeutic. I feel lighter as my soul relieves itself of my angst.

Anyway, that's enough for tonight. I have to save some for later. And I'm baaaaack. So be watching over your shoulder.

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