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Happy birthday to me. Yes, today is really my birthday. I'm not working today, unless you include being a father, cooking, cleaning, laundry, car maintenance, and the host of other duties that I perform. People are fond of asking what you want for your birthday. I'm old enough now that the gifts that I receive are nice (and appreciated!), but they're just objects. If I truly had to wish for just one thing, it would have to be good health for my daughter. After that, I'd pick longevity, followed by an end to the stupid "zero tolerance" policies that school systems claim are "fair." When children get suspended for 3 days for bringing Gas-X to school, and girls get expelled for sharing Advil to a friend with menstrual cramps, something is very wrong with our school systems.

As I suspected, The woman who claimed that the lottery ticket that was hers "blew away" and she sued to get "her share" of the lottery winnings has a long history of fraud. She came up with this lie in an attempt to steal half of someone else's winnings. She's going to be charged with filing a false police report, but I think more serious charges should follow, like attempted grand larceny. There's no different in trying to rob a bank of that much money, and the "weapon" that she used was the court system, with her lawsuit to block the lawful winner from collecting her prize. If you throw her ass in prison for 10 years, it should stop future losers from attempting this charade.

Not everyone in Georgia is a redneck, or lives in a trailer. After seeing the pictures of Jerry Jones, the nut-job who killed 4 people and kidnapped 3 others, you'd get the opinion that everyone in North Georgia was poorly-spoken and lived in a trailer, with garbage strewn all over the yard. Well, we don't live in a trailer, and we speak in full sentences. Usually. It pains me that this is the only image of our area that some people see. They don't see the multi-million-dollar mansions, and the beautiful homes on the lake here.

PETA is now going after Delta Airlines. They're upset that Song Airlines (a Delta subsidiary) advertises their all-leather seating on their planes. I have seen their planes, and they aren't that big. The fact that people at large find leather seating more comfortable tells me that they are after customer satisfaction, and I will not attempt to hurt a business for listening to their customers. They have the right to do what they feel is best for their business. Now, I actually enjoy leather seats. I'm not upset by the planes. And if PETA is against it, then I must be for it, since their "actions" are normally not based on high moral ground, but rather are mere targets for the largest businesses in an effort to extort money in exchange for a lack of attention. PETA has gone the Jesse Jackson route. Once a champion of real issues, they have gone from fighting a cause to extortion. They have become big businesses who unfairly discriminate in the same manner as they accuse their "victims." No, you say? Then why doesn't PETA target smaller companies? Why are their three biggest targets PepsiCo, Delta, and Proctor & Gamble? Could it be because they are three of the largest (read: deep pockets) companies in this country? I'm not sure if they are all considered "blue-chip" stocks, but they are certainly three of the most well-known companies. And I'm sure that PETA doesn't target everyone who uses leather seats (doesn't every auto manufacturer make cars with leather seats?). If the numb-nuts from PETA were truly high-minded, they'd not buy any car from a company that makes leather seats. But they are willing to rationalize their driving in SUVs (or even little POS cars) for their own use, provided they don't have leather seats, just so long as they don't go without for themselves. They are just more hypocrites who refuse to give up their own comforts to make a point. At least I am not so hypocritical. I may disagree with some things, but I will honor my boycotts 100% until something changes. I still haven't eaten in another Hardees since the "notorious" incident of 1992. But more on that tomorrow.

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