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You've got to be kidding. I swear that if assholes could fly, the Democratic Party would be the busiest airport in the world. John Kerry actually had the balls to accuse Max Cleland, who is a triple-amputee, of not standing up and fighting back. Folks, I couldn't make stuff up that was this good. When they aren't contradicting themselves on Iraq, they come up with these gems. You know times are bad for the Democrats when Al Sharpton has to be the voice of common sense and reason. And that is scary. You have Howard "the Duck" Dean shouting down 67-year-old men for advocating kindness (or at least a lack of animosity), Clark changing his views/stories every day, and all of them flip-flopping on issues. Where would a sane person find it in their heart to cast a vote for any of these ass-clowns?

Today I read about a "professor" in South Florida that is losing his job because he lied on his application. Now, the amazing thing isn't that I'm upset because he lied about his felony manslaughter conviction. It's that he will continue to get paid for 5 more months until he's relieved of his duties. Could either you or I get away with this at our employers? I think not. But he works for the government, and for the educational system at that. Teachers and educators have, for years, tried everything to keep from being held accountable for their actions. At what point do we hold them to the same standard that is expected from each of us?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The lack of personal responsibility that the Democrats are driving to instill in youth is coming back to haunt us already. We need to hold people accountable. I hold myself to that standard, so I can expect it from others. If you don't think it's wrong for a school to pay a teacher who lies about felony convictions while suspending students for bring Gas-X to school, then you need to get your head examined.

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