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Why the Democrats won't win in 2004: When you look at the "issues" that matter in the polls, one thing stands out. Do they wonder about the War on Terrorism? No. Do they worry about jobs going overseas? No. Do they worry about letting people take responsibility for their actions? No. What is their main concern? Finding a candidate that they think can beat Bush in 2004.

You see, the flaw with the Democrats is that their identity is defined externally only as a reaction to another party. They don't think about a vision for their Country. They define their platform only as the reverse of whatever George Bush stands for. If Bush said he favored eating Greek food, the Democrats would make their platform "Greek food free." They don't allow any agreement, even if they want to (or should). The Democrats were all for going to Afghanistan and Iraq and kicking terrorist ass until Bush got elected. Now, they want out of there so fast that each candidate trips on trying to set earlier dates than his opponents on getting our troops out of there. The same people that declared definitively that Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) existed in Iraq and were an immediate threat in 1998 now claim that there never were any weapons, even as evidence arises that they were there, and are now in Syria (another of the Earth's voids surrounded by sphincter muscle that needs to be eradicated).

But back to those hapless Democrats. They lack a vision to capture the majority of people. And when I say vision, I'm not talking Hillary's Socialist nightmare that she propogates in her "It takes a village" crap. It doesn't take a freakin' village. She's in idiot. It takes 2 sound people to raise a child. That's called a "family" to the rest of us. It doesn't take 2 dads, or 2 moms, it takes 1 dad and 1 mom. It's worked for thousands of years. It's not up to a school, a government, after-school programs, or anything else to raise kids. It's up to their parents. If their parents aren't responsible enough to raise them, then take them away from the parents and give them to couples who want the children and will care for them.

Being a parent isn't about proving that you had sex. It's a commitment from the parents to the child (or children) that you will care for them, nurture them, and take responsibility for them.

When the Democrats figure out that you need ideas, not criticism, to get elected, then they will find some candidates who can formulate ideas on issues, and make a contest out of an election. As long as they are just the party that isn't Republican, they won't win anywhere except where they can gerrymander majority districts.

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