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The left considers itself the educated elite. So, I enjoy reading what they have to say, in an effort to educate myself up to their level. Or, so I thought I would try.

Here's an example of one of the hundreds of blurbs that I've read from the left:

Welcome 1/2 way on board ;) [Gephart will make a great VP... *friendly poke*]

For me there are 3 big issues:

1) Abolishing the politics of exteremists where the most radical elements of the left and right push thier [sic] policies at the expense [sic] of the majority of Americans.

2) Defending democray [sic] ... not national [sic] security, but returning (and increasing) transparency in governemnt [sic] and standing up for real debate.

3) Becomming [sic] really "energy independent". You are dead on to point this out. Clark has spoken quite intelligently and with real vision and passion on this subject. Energy policy is critical for National Secruity [sic], the Economic [sic] stability and growth, Job [sic] growth, the Environment.

Maybe we can get you to be a Clark guy who likes Gephart instead of the other way around ^_^

PS: Laser is with an "s" (for Stimulated) not a "z". Light Amplification via the Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

I've got to look into your the claims (which I will do), but mispelling laser makes me instantly think "crack-pot" on my first reading of your post. Sorry, that is my bias (which I recognize and am trying to overcome), but others might not be so self-refletive [sic]. ^_^

I especially enjoy the part at the end where this clod makes fun of someone else's misspelling. Since the other misspeller is a crack-pot because of his spelling, what does that make this dolt? I counted ten spelling errors in trying to make 3 points, not to mention several other grammatical faux-pas. This is the type of person who the Clark/Dean/Gephardt/Kerry/etc. campaigns draw upon. They are marginally educated, but consider themselved enlightened and intelligent. They continue to make fun of Bush for being stupid, yet they show that they are merely projecting their own shortcomings.

Now, if you want to attack Bush on some issues, there are lots of legitimate areas under which you could score points. The problem is that the Democrats are even weaker on these same issues. That's not saying great things about the Democrats.

The attacks on Bush's "enegery policies" are, at best, weak and ineffective. I haven't seen anything that meets and criteria for weakness there. And every time someone says the word "Haliburton", you know that their argument is a personal attack on Cheney, and has no merit whatsoever. The latest conspiracy nut-case theory is that now the Mars exploration is being done to further Haliburton exploration missions. Please. Give it a rest.

I do find it amusing that this poster (above) refers to the extremists in politics, but fails to realize that he is, himself, a member of an extremist wing. The Clark campaign is far reaching to the left, trying to capitalize on the far-left leanings of Dean and his failed campaign. Notice that for all of his talk, he still can't win an election, not even a primary in his own backyard. The politics of the far-left has limited reaches into the true mainstream.

I love it when the far-left cries for "Democracy, not National Security." The first part of that is that they fail to realize that Democracy is not what this Country is founded upon (a Democracy can best be illustrated by a lynch-mob). They seek a Socialist agenda that aims to alleviate them of their personal responsibilities, while shifting the burden for their support to a few hard-working individuals. The fact that they aren't interested in National Security should also be scary. They don't mind terrorists coming here to kill us? What kind of idiots are these people? What they're really saying is that they don't consider themselves targets, mainly due to their own ignorance. The Muslim extremists will not stop until Freedom is gone in this Country and everyone becomes a Muslim. It is the Muslim equivalent of the Crusades for them. They are trying to sweep the globe and convert everyone. We must not let that happen.

While I can find much fault with Bush's expansion of government, I am more scared of the threat of Muslim extremism, so Bush must continue to wage the war against terrorism. None of the Democrats can wage that war effectively.

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