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OK. I decided to blog again.

I don't really know where to start, but it's always safe to poke fun at some deserving asshole. Today, that asshole is Julian Bond, "civil rights" whore and general jackass. He has done less for race relations than Charles Manson. And that is saying something, folks.

So what did this ass-dart do to irk my ire? He compared President Bush to the Taliban, for one. This head-bigot of the NAACP doesn't care a bit about the REAL advancement of the people he claims to represent. He's just a poodle for the I-hate-Bush leftists who continue to spew the same putrid crap day after day.

The concept of using moral equivalence to attack an "enemy" is nothing new. Hitler used it, Stalin used it, and lots of other famous mass-murdering ass-clowns used it in their recipes for politics. But why would someone on Bond's position want to use the same tactics? Doesn't he know the company he's keeping?

Moral equivalence is a dangerous concept for two reasons. One, it makes you look shallow and unaware of issues when you compare things that aren't equal, and even makes you look hateful and childish for calling someone else names. The other reason is that it trivializes the higher magnitude in the comparison.

Let's take Bond's comparison of Bush to the Taliban. Bush has just spent the last two and a half years fighting a war against terrorists - a war that the terrorists started. In that time, he's freed two entire countries (about 50 million people) from tyrannical, oppressive rulers. And he's being compared to people like Stalin, who killed that many. Give me a freaking break. That would be like me comparing Julian Bond to David Duke. Hey, if the shoe fits.

Late update: Former President Ronald Reagan died today. He was 93 years old. And I never once doubted his motives or his love for this Country. He never said that this Country wasn't a good place, and he never acted in accordance with our enemies. He was said to have so much respect for the highest office of the land that even when he was awakened in the middle of the night for some emergency, he never entered the Oval Office without a sport coat on, even if it was on top of his bathrobe. The man was all about respect. You will be missed. And you will be remembered as a Champion of Liberty. I owe you a debt of gratitude for your service to this Country.

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