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Let's see if you can pick out why this is so funny:

I love it when those Euro-weenies make funny of us stupid Americans and our poor educational systems. I guess we waste all of our money on spell-checkers. Heck, even our new Secretary of Education is Miss Spellings.

If you went to a public [government] school, and don't see what's so funny, look at the word that follows students in the article's title. Then, ask someone who went to a private school to tell you what's so funny.

I almost forgot that last week was "Tony Dungy Open Your Mouth And Show The World What A Dumbass You Are Week." Tony Dungy (the second "y" should be invisible) said that Nicole Sheridan's commercial with Terrell Owens was racist. Tony, have you been borrowing some of Rasta Ricky's wacky-weed? Are you out of that tiny little mind of yours? How could a white woman and a black man together be racist? Isn't it nice that we live in a society where people can look past the skin color of others, you stupid asswipe? Or did you get your job because of your *cough* talent *cough*. What a shithead. Thanks, Tony. Way to go. Your comment made Robert KKK Byrd seem like Dr. King. Thank you so much. The next time you get a thought, just let it go.

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