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So, let's pick something uncontroversial to rant about tonight, just so that I don't offend anyone [cough cough]: religion.

Now, I could care less your views on religion. Why? Because they're wrong. Yes, you - you're wrong.

Good. Not that I've pissed you off, and gotten your attention, I heard some stupid person [read: voter] talk about the separation of "Church and State" on the radio this weekend. He basically said that since the Constitution mentions God (which I haven't verified, but it might, but that's not the fucking point), that that means that it's ok for the government to be "Christian" (his words, not mine). After I deciphered the moron's intended meaning, I realized that he equated the term "God" with Christianity. This is like saying that a shark is human, because you took a shower.

So, if you know anyone like this [I'd be willing they wear a hat to work], please inform them that you can refer to God without being a Christian. And since there's about 4,000,000,000 people in this world who worship God without being a Christian, maybe they know something this hat-wearing, mumble-mouth mother-fucker doesn't - that the Christians do not have a monopoly on religion or God. Any more than a fat kid in 8th grade owns the patent on Cheetos.

So, does this mean that our government cannot refer to God? No. Does it mean that can't make us all pray to Jesus? Yes. Does it mean that Kerry is an asshole? No, but he still is anyway [I just thought I'd get that in while I was thinking about it].

What have we learned today? We've learned that recognizing God is not the same thing as recognizing religion (you can believe in God without believing in religion). We trust in God [all others pay in cash]. We inherit our inalienable Rights from God. Thus, our Rights exist because we recognize God (or our Constitution falls apart).

Of course, if you're a godless anti-capitalist socialist or communist, then you don't believe in God, or that our Rights come from God.

OK, now on to something else that just randomly entered my mind. To all you big-government-loving, regulation-loving dolts, you no doubt blew your wad when the government said that it was going to require ALL cars made in this country to have a black box installed in them. For those who went to government schools, that is a device which tracks every movement you make, every gear you shift, everywhere you go, how fast you get there, and more. I know you think to yourself, "what's the harm if you're not breaking the law?"

Well, what is that harm? What harm could there be in the government tracking your every movement outside your home? If you can't think of the answer, then check the fries - they're burning.

Still not scared of your government? What about the bill circulating that will mandate the government screening EVERY child for psychological problems, and recommend treatment [read: Ritalin] for those that fail whatever standards it maintains.

Let me ask you - if they can require mental evaluations for every child, how long do you think it will be before they require one for every adult as well?

Are you getting scared yet?

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