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I'm through giving Mel the benefit of the doubt.

I've previously given Mel Gibson some leeway from being labelled anti-semitic. That stops now.

Previous attacks have been based upon statements his father made supportive of Hitler.

I defended him then, based upon the principle that someone should not be judged by their father. This is only fair. Especially for some people, whose fatherly examples might not be the same as their own actions.

However, after Mel's "fucking Jew" comment, I can see that he clearly harbors deep hatred for Jews. His last movie, "The Passion of the Christ", was borderline with regards to its motivation. I gave him the benefit of the doubt then that he was merely trying to pay homage to his religion through cinema.

Now, I just believe that he was intentionally trying to rile people into being mad at Jews for the age-old slander that the Jews killed Christ. No matter how beaten that canard is, someone will always try to rub salt in that wound.

It isn't that I don't want Mel to have a voice, I just want him to shut the fuck up now. On the other hand, the more he speaks, the less people will listen now.

Oh, and Mel's little comment about Jews causing all of the wars in the world: how are the Jews causing war in East Timor? How about Somalia? Czechnia? Indonesia? Tibet? North Korea? Bosnia? Venezuela? Colombia? Iraq? Afghanistan?

I think there's plenty of war in the world that Jews have no hand in. And the ones they do have a hand in, you can always look for the first stone to be thrown from the other side.

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