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Who gets an ass-beating today?

First up - Al Sharpton. This ass-dart is in the news (why?!?!) talking about how his ancestors were once owned by the ancestors of Strom Thurmond. Who gives a shit? Do you care what my great-grandparents did, or where they lived? Why should I give a shit about that race-bating pimp?

Next up - Nancy Pelosi. Why? Do I need a reason? So much for her "5-day work week". She is just another person in a long line of persons who continue to tow the status quo (status fucked up). Which was better? That's like saying which Manson groupie showers the most? She is doing everything she promised NOT to do, and the fucking stupid media ignores it. The only way we're going to see any real change in Congress is to elect Libertarians. And not just any Libertarians, good/smart ones. People like Bob Barr. Or Neal Boortz. Nah, Neal can't afford the pay cut.

Who next? Hillary and Obama - two birds of the same lousy feather. Both big-government Liberals, each is trying to see which one can pander the most to the Angry Left.

I think I saved the best for last - Al Gore. This ass-dart supreme uses more electricity in 1 month than the average family does in a YEAR. But he's all about conservation. As long as it's you that's doing the conserving. He's still flying around in a Gulfstream jet, guzzling gas, talking about "carbon footprints". And as I've said before, every time he's in the news, cold weather follows. Notice this week as soon as he won an Academy Award, snow closed airports in New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia. Wherever Al is talking about Global Warming, record cold follows. I remember when his press conference some time ago was cancelled due to record cold. Did I mention that there's no such thing as man-made global warming? Al's wonderful "documentary" is based upon exaggerated numbers from high-end estimates from possible scenarios from theoretical models. In short, it's a guess that's been amplified to fulfill a political agenda.

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