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You have to love the Democrats.

Do you know who Harry Reid is? He's the Senate Majority Leader. His job apparently is to ensure that the Democrats serve only 2 years in the majority in the Senate.

Think otherwise? His spokesman referred to assertions from Senator DeMint as "phone as a two-dollar bill."

If you understand why that's funny, you're probably a victim of government schooling. Or, you might work at Taco Bell or Best Buy. Or both!

Speaking of Democrats, John McCain is running out of money in his campaign. He doesn't understand that he is not Presidential material.

Ron Paul keeps trying to make a buzz about his campaign. He's raising money, but he is mostly ignored by the MSM. Either he's just the victim of a media conspiracy, or he's not the instrument of change that he fancies himself. I keep seeing him referred to as "Libertarian" one moment, and "Republican" the next. Since those two parties are very different, my guess is that he's not quite either, and THAT'S why he isn't getting the real momentum that he wants. If he wants to be a Libertarian, then let him seek that party's nomination.

That's all for today.

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