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Why John Edwards is a stupid fuck:

Today he unveiled his genius idea to offer everyone "free" healthcare "from birth to death." He wants to ensure that every person has "free" healthcare - and wants to ensure that everyone stay healthy by mandating that everyone goes to their Federally-mandated government-provided doctor.

A true Socialist's dream.

Why is this such a bad idea? Let me count the ways...

1) His pricetag: $120,000,000,000.00 (for starters). We know how "government estimates" work. They tell us it will "only" cost us one price, and then the pricetag grows later. Think I'm full of shit? Remember prescription benefits for Medicare? It was "only" going to cost $40 billion a year, then once they passed the bill, it ballooned to $4 TRILLION. That's only a 10,000% increase. So, if Edwards says it will cost $120 billion, count on it actually running several TRILLION dollars. Think about it - 300 million people going to mandatory doctor visits every year, plus ambulatory care, plus emergency care.It would only cost $3,000 a year to raise the price to $1 trillion, and if someone feels they're not paying the cost, (and 99% of them won't be paying for it,) do you really believe it won't be hard for them to use up $3,000 of care in an entire year?

2) His plan includes dental and vision. He doesn't include plans to make kids sit back from the TV or computer, and there's nothing about free toothbrushes, so expect a huge increase in spending for these sectors.

3) His plan is to raise taxes to pay for this. This is a REALLY bad idea. There's so many reasons why this is bad, but let's just say that if you stick it to the "evil rich", they just cut their financial investments, which limits employers' ability to hire the very people that Edwards wants to give "free" healthcare to. So, Edwards will cost millions-upon-millions of people their jobs, but he'll treat their wounds when they slit their wrists.

4) If his plan goes through, expect LONG waits for appointments, long waits for simple things like x-rays, and dying people who couldn't get surgeries performed before their succumbed to their ailments/injuries.

5) His $1,200 haircut. Mr. "two Americas." Also, his THREE SUVs (although he doesn't want you to own one).

6) His stupid wife. I know this is a cheap shot, but she opened her pie-hole, so she has it coming.

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