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Rachel Corrie is still dead.

Well, some judges in the 9th Circuit Court made a good decision. They decided not to indulge the activist parents of the late Ms. Corrie in reviving a dead lawsuit against Caterpillar. Cat was accused of violating "Human Rights" for selling construction equipment to another country (with the U.S. government's permission).

This is more of the liberal mindset. Don't blame the stupid fuck - blame a company for making a tool. Don't hold their stupid daughter responsible for laying down in front of a bulldozer, blame the company that made the bulldozer instead.

Maybe she just saw The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy. Either way, the world is better off without her.

For those who call her a "martyr", just remember this wonderful image of Ms. Corrie burning the image of the U.S. flag in the Palestinian-controlled areas:

Her parents must be proud.

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