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Another global warming hypocrit.

Do you know who Dr. James Hansen is? He works for NASA. It was his computer model that NASA used when they predicted dire claims that we're spiraling out of control with global warming, and headed for an ecological disaster.

It was also Hansen that was responsible for the Y2K bug in his program that skewed the data, invalidating most of his conclusions.

Someone doing some research found that he has published articles on global climate change before. The same Dr. Hansen published an article in the Washington Post in 1971 claiming that fossil fuel use was going to cause... a new ICE AGE! He also stated that carbon dioxide had no effect on temperatures.

This is the same fool who called anyone who doesn't believe in global warming a "court jester."

I'm glad to see he's consistent.

</end sarcasm>

This ass-dart is sensationalizing climate change to insert his name into politics. And he's wrong. And he's not just wrong, he's REALLY wrong. He doesn't understand the first thing about climatology. I don't care what his field if expertise is, I don't care if he has a PhD - he's fucking wrong. He's working from a bias that taints any project he works on.

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